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Drapery Care

Although you can't avoid having to replace your draperies eventually, you can postpone their demise. To help you do just that, here's a rundown on drapery enemies to watch out for:

  • Direct Sun

    Strong, direct sunlight will weaken most fibers. To a lesser extent, indirect sun can be damaging, too. Lined draperies will naturally resist damage from the sun better than unlined draperies.

    Just be sure the quality of your lining fabric matches that of your drapery material. It's poor economy to line quality fabric with an inexpensive fabric that will deteriorate more rapidly than the draperies themselves.

  • Humidity

    Excess humidity and sudden changes in humidity level can shrink or stretch loosely woven fabrics. Both your lined and unlined draperies will maintain their shape and their looks better if you keep the humidity level in your home fairly constant.
  • Water

    Rainwater or condensation on windows can cause unsightly watermarks on drapery fabric. Sometimes these stains are unnoticeable until the draperies have been cleaned, and then the marks are practically impossible to remove without telltale traces.

    The first and most obvious way to protect your draperies from water damage is to close your windows against the elements. Another is to hang your draperies properly so they won't touch the glass. Watch out for drafts and blasts from climate controllers that blow your draperies against the window.