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Vinyl Care

Safeguard your investment. Your new floor starts out bright and will stay that way provided you give it the attention it deserves.

  • Daily Care

    Light daily dusting or vacuuming will help keep your floor bright, as it removes dust and grit which can lessen its shine.
  • Wet Cleaning

    When your floor receives hard use or becomes soiled, wet cleaning is necessary. A mild solution such as synthetic liquid dish detergent or preferably floor cleaner is recommended. Apply the solution (follow label directions) to the floor with a sponge mop.

    After the soil has loosened from the floor, mop up the excess suds and water. Rinse the mop and bucket thoroughly with clean water. Use the sponge mop frequently rung out to remove rinse water. Allow to dry before using vinyl dressing.

  • Recommended Cleaners

    In those instances where stubborn, hard-to-remove soiled areas resist removal by soaking with detergent, Soft Scrub polishing cleanser or a similar product only (nonabrasive cleanser) is acceptable for this purpose. Soft Scrub can also be used to remove scuff marks or surface stains. High-gloss floors should never be cleaned with steel wool or abrasive cleaners.

    Rinse cleaners, abrasive cleaners, cleaners containing solvents and steel wool are not recommended as their use can dull your floor. Never allow cleaning solutions to remain on your floor for long periods of time. Never use diluted chlorine bleach on your floor.