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Carpet Care

No matter how much care and attention you give your Holly Home carpeting, sometimes disaster strikes.

Here are some suggestions for dealing with special situations: 

  • Cigarette Burns

    Nothing can completely fix these except re-weaving or re-tufting. If the carpet is only charred superficially, try the following: Carefully clip blackened ends of tufts using small, sharp scissors. Follow with application of detergent solution.
  • Gum

    It's much easier to remove gum if you freeze it first with dry ice or a professional freon aerosol spray. Even an ice cube will do. Then simply scrape it off or break it off and remove the residue with dry cleaner solvent.
  • Crushing or Matting

    All carpet fibers crush or mat when under heavy loads (like furniture) for long periods of time. To correct this condition, try the following: Moisten the matted area with water and cover with a clean, white dry cloth. Place a hot electric iron lightly on the cloth. Brush tufts up with fingertips or a dull knife.
  • Sprouting

    Occasionally, a woman's high-heel, a dog's claw or a child's toy will snag in the carpet and pull up or "sprout" a tuft. Clip off the sprout with sharp scissors. Never pull. If sprouts persist, check your vacuum cleaner for sharp projections.
  • Shedding

    During the first few months of use, even the best carpets will shed short pieces of fiber. These are short ends of fiber which are caught in the pile during the shearing operation and do not represent a significant loss of fiber. Regular vacuuming will end the shedding problem within a few weeks of installation.